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​​About Art Therapy

WHAT is it?


Art therapy applies visual arts and the creative process to support, maintain, and enhance health. Like other forms of psychotherapy, it encourages growth and self-understanding. Guided by the art therapist, clients may create art during the session to help discover personal meaning, insight and solutions to conflicts. The focus is not on the aesthetics of art making, but on the creative process. Working in a different visual language frees inhibitions and barriers that can be challenging to surmount through traditional talk therapies. What might be difficult to say with words can be expressed freely in art. 



WHO is it for?


Art therapy is adaptable to any person, situation, or setting. It is for people of all ages and backgrounds. Art Therapy Houston welcomes children, adults and families. No previous art experience or training is needed to benefit because the focus is on the creative process. Art therapy is facilitated by an art therapist, who is trained to guide the process. Art therapists are master's level credentialed professionals who purposively use art approaches and interventions to meet the needs of the client.



WHY do it?


Making art is therapeutic and empowering. Art therapy is a safe way of accessing feelings that may be difficult to clearly articulate. It provides relief from the pressure of keeping emotions inside and promotes self-awareness. It is a way for people to express feelings spontaneously and without censorship. Anyone seeking deeper purpose, enhanced creativity, or a better understanding of emotions can benefit from art therapy. While art therapy is not a recreational activity or art class, many find the creative process enjoyable. 



HOW is it done?


Art Therapy Houston uses a person-centered approach. Sessions and interventions are centered on the needs and goals of the client. A typical counseling session involves the client identifying an area to work on, and discussing ways to approach the situation with the art therapist. The art therapist may ask the client to create something to help reflect on self or situation. The art product can provide insight into the individual's internal world and through the process of creating, some find relief and understanding of their experiences.  Sometimes, sessions consist primarily of verbal therapy, where the client will be encouraged to think creatively. With children, art is often combined with play and other expressive modalities. At Art Therapy Houston, we meet the client where they are.   



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