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About Art Therapy Houston

Art Therapy Houston provides art therapy and counseling services to children, adults, adolescents and families. We offer workshops and groups to clinical and professional organizations. Our art therapists specialize in assisting individuals recognize and use their internal strengths and resources to address challenges and meet goals. We believe that life is made up of a series of changes, transformations, and movements. These transitions, whether predictable or unpredictable, offer opportunities for development and growth. But even when we know that change can benefit us, it can still be very difficult to deal with emotionally.


At Art Therapy Houston, we offer an integrative approach to address various difficulties. This process includes examining values, identifying thoughts and emotions underlying behaviors, and fostering an attitude of fervent curiosity in order to better understand ourselves and our relationships. Sometimes, we need help to reflect, adjust, and grow from our experiences. Let us help you uncover your strengths and develop new ways to cope.


Please contact for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

The art therapy studio provides a safe, structured, supportive environment that encourages reflection and exploration.

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